3 Signs That Tell You That You Need Your Brakes Inspected

14 December 2021
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It is important to make sure that you are having your automobile's brakes inspected about twice a year. However, there may be instances between those times that require you to call and set up an appointment for a brake inspection. To help you know more about when you should have your brakes inspected, you will want to review the following information: You Are Hearing Odd Sounds There are a lot of vehicles that are equipped with sensors that will give a screeching sound when the brake pads are wearing thin. Read More 

Reasons To Consider Taking Your Vehicle To An Auto Body Shop For Repair

17 November 2021
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An auto body repair shop can help you anytime there is damage to the sheet metal of your car, but their services often go further than that. Paint restoration, frame repair, and custom bodywork are all services you can find in most auto body shops alongside the collision repair services they offer. Paint And Body Restoration Older cars may suffer from sun damage to the paint or rust and other damage to the sheet metal on the body. Read More 

Signs That There Is Something In Need In The Driveline Of Your Vehicle That Needs Attention

25 October 2021
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There are some common symptoms that you may find in your vehicle that can point to the need for a driveline repair. The driveline in your car or truck includes all the parts between your transmission and the drive wheels. Damage to any of those parts can render the vehicle undrivable and potentially unsafe.  Vibrations Under The Vehicle Many things can cause vibrations under your vehicle, including tire issues, worn U-joints, damage to the driveshaft, or an axle bearing that has gone bad. Read More 

Testing Your Battery’s Health Before Replacing It

23 September 2021
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If you have ever been stranded with a dead battery in your car, you know how frustrating it can be. Often the reaction is to assume the battery is bad and replace it with a new one — but before you toss that battery out and spend the money on another one, you should consider taking it to a repair shop that offers car battery testing.  Battery Testing Basics If you suspect the battery in your vehicle is faulty and needs replacing, taking your car to an auto repair shop for battery testing is an excellent place to start. Read More 

Tips For Getting Diesel Transmission Repair Service

25 August 2021
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Diesel engine vehicles account for just 3% of the market for light-duty vehicles, but for Class 2 and 3 vehicles, the use has grown by 35% over a 3-year stretch. These engines require some different considerations for care, but perhaps one of the most important parts that you'll need to keep up with is the transmission. In this article, you will learn more about these vehicles, in addition to some words of advice on getting diesel transmission repair work and when to know when an upgrade is in order. Read More