Reasons To Consider Taking Your Vehicle To An Auto Body Shop For Repair

17 November 2021
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An auto body repair shop can help you anytime there is damage to the sheet metal of your car, but their services often go further than that. Paint restoration, frame repair, and custom bodywork are all services you can find in most auto body shops alongside the collision repair services they offer.

Paint And Body Restoration

Older cars may suffer from sun damage to the paint or rust and other damage to the sheet metal on the body. Taking the car to an auto body repair shop to address these issues is the best way to bring some life back to the car and return the body to like-new condition. 

Restoration work on an older vehicle is often preferred over replacement parts because many of the panels on the body may no longer be available new. This leaves the owner with the option of using third-party parts that may or may not fit well or taking the vehicle to a shop and letting the auto body tech determine if they can fix or repair the original panels so that the vehicle looks new again.

In some cases, the panels may need patches added to them. The new sheet metal needs to be carefully formed so that it fits properly and can be welded into place then blended into the existing panel so that it is undetectable. This process takes time, but when an auto body repair tech does this correctly, even the most astute car buff will have difficulty finding the repair.

Repainting the vehicle with the correct paint color is essential, and if the bodywork is done well, the paint will give the car a seamless finish that can last for many years. 

Frame Repair

The frame on an older car is made from standard steel and can rust over time. A car or truck that is undergoing restoration may benefit from removing the body and other parts from the frame, allowing the auto body repair tech to clean and media blast the frame to remove rust and corrosion from it. 

Once the frame is clean, the tech can check the dimensions of the frame rails to ensure they are straight, then the frame is painted or powder-coated to protect it from rust, and the body is reinstalled on top. This kind of restoration or frame repair is typically reserved for classic cars and trucks, but you can use it on any vehicle that has a solid frame under it. 

The frame may also have holes punched in it that are not required, and for custom restorations, so owners will ask the shop to weld the hold closed and smooth the frame out before paint or powder coating is applied to add a sleek look to the chassis once the car is fully assembled. 

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