Four Ways To Address Auto Glass Damage

12 July 2023
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Auto glass damage can compromise your line of sight while also weakening your auto glass, making it more susceptible to future damage. Smart vehicle owners should, therefore, address window and windshield problems as soon as they occur. These are four ways you can address auto glass damage.

1. Contact a Mobile Auto Glass Repair Service

One of the most convenient ways to handle damaged auto glass is by contacting a mobile auto glass repair service. These services allow technicians to travel directly to their customers, saving vehicle owners a trip to the shop. This solution is ideal for small cracks and chips that can be repaired using a special kind of epoxy resin.

2. Bring Your Vehicle to an Auto Repair Shop

If you don't live in an area with convenient garage or driveway access, you may prefer to have your auto glass repaired at an auto repair shop. Taking your car to a repair shop offers several advantages, such as the opportunity to get a quote on your repair job before committing to having the work done. An auto glass technician can examine your vehicle and let you know if you need auto glass replacement or if a simple repair job is sufficient. This can also be a good option for people who need other work performed on their vehicles. You can have your car serviced at the same time that you have your windshield or windows repaired.

3. Schedule an Auto Glass Replacement

Certain types of damage to car windows and windshields cannot be repaired because they compromise the structural integrity of the glass. In these cases, auto glass replacement is your best option. Auto glass repair shops can handle all aspects of window and windshield replacement, including safely removing broken glass. Your new window or windshield will be securely glued in place so you can take to the roads once more.

4. Bring Your Car to the Service Station Associated With Your Auto Dealership

Many people feel brand loyalty to their cars, often strongly preferring one brand of car over another. In this case, you may feel more comfortable having your auto glass situation resolved directly by the dealership. Dealership service stations can handle a variety of problems, including auto glass repair. Visiting your car dealership can save time if you realize you need a new windshield since dealerships that specialize in specific makes and models of cars will likely have the correct windshield replacements on hand. This can save you time and allow you to get your car fixed faster since you won't have to wait for auto glass to be specially ordered.

Reach out to a local auto service, such as a Kia auto glass replacement shop, to learn more.