An Overview Of The Auto Title Transfer Process

20 June 2023
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An auto title transfer needs to occur anytime someone buys or sells a vehicle. However, you may not know much about what the process actually entails. Here is an overview of the process so that you know what to expect when buying or selling a vehicle, which can help ensure that everything goes smoothly.  

Know What An Auto Title Is

An auto title is a legal document that every vehicle owner should have since it tells who has the legal right to own a specific vehicle. That vehicle is documented through a vehicle identification number (VIN), which is unique to every single vehicle made. A system is used for creating VINs to ensure that they do not overlap. 

The starting string of characters includes where a vehicle was built, who the manufacturer is, and even information about the plant that assembled the vehicle. It's more than just a unique series of numbers that are specific to your vehicle since they all have a purpose.

Know The Document Requirements

A few key documents are needed to start an auto title transfer. You'll need the vehicle's current title to prove who owns it, as well as a bill of sale proving that it has been sold. Each person involved in the sale needs to prove who they are with an ID. This allows the title to be transferred from the previous owner to the new owner.

Know The Seller's Responsibility

There is information you need to disclose about the vehicle prior to a title transfer. This includes accurately recording the vehicle's mileage, and making sure that all loans on the vehicle have been paid off. If you currently have a loan on the vehicle, then the lender will have a lien on it and the sale will not be approved. 

Know The Buyer's Responsibilities

It is the buyer's job to verify that all the information presented about the vehicle is true, which means double-checking the information supplied by the seller. There will need to be documents that you fill out to initiate the title transfers, as well as fees that must be paid as part of the application. 

Once you submit the proper paperwork to the local DMV, they take care of the rest to finish the title transfer process. The buyer will receive a document proving that the vehicle is now theirs, which is the new vehicle title. You may receive a temporary one on the sale of the transfer, with an official document arriving in the mail soon after. 

Contact a local auto title transfer company to learn more.