Top 4 Probable Causes For Your Semi Truck's Transmission Overheating

23 June 2022
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Your automobile's transmission system is comprised of highly complex machinery designed to power your truck at different speeds. If there are issues with the transmission, you'll notice a remarkable decline in the vehicle's performance. One of the things that may cause your transmission to fail entirely is overheating. This problem can result from different issues. Finding its root cause and addressing it on time will ensure you don't end up with a totaled semi-truck. Check out some possible reasons behind transmission overheating issues in this guide.

Bad and Worn Out Transmission Oil 

Clean transmission fluid is translucent dark red. With fresh fluid, you'll experience a smooth ride. However, failing to change the oil regularly causes it to wear out over time, leading to irreparable damage to your vehicle. Remember that with continued use, the fluid collects dirt. Usually, dirty and sludgy oil has diminished cooling ability, which eventually causes the transmission system to overheat.

Overweight Loads Towing 

Your transmission may also overheat if you tow heavy loads on the vehicle. Towing loads that are heavier than your vehicle can handle puts a lot of strain on the transmission system. The other consequence of heavy towing is that it reduces the airflow reaching the radiator. This can cause your engine to become hot, affecting the transmission system. When pulling a heavy load, ensure that your cooling system and radiator are in great shape. It's also crucial to invest in the recommended transmission fluid. Ask your auto transmission repair technician for recommendations if you're unsure of the most suitable fluid for your semi truck. 

Damaged Solenoid 

You likely have a failing solenoid if your transmission becomes hotter than usual. Remember that the solenoid is the valve that helps regulate fluid flow in an automatic transmission. If it is damaged, there'll be a restricted flow of transmission fluid. As a result, the transmission system will overheat. So visit your repair technician immediately to address the issues behind the failing solenoid.

Transmission Fluid Low Levels

When your vehicle runs on low transmission oil, the heat that your gears produce won't dissipate in the right manner. This can also cause your gears to overheat and in the end, fail. Besides, low transmission fluid can result from excess friction on your transmission due to improper lubrication. So, it's advisable to have adequate transmission fluid to prevent overheating.

When your transmission system overheats, any of the above issues can be the reason behind it. On the first sign of overheating, it's essential to contact an experienced semi truck repair mechanic to address the issue before it gets out of hand.