Need To Replace Your Vehicle's Brake Pads? Here Are Warning Indicators

28 April 2022
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If you are a car owner, it's your responsibility to make sure that your vehicle's braking system is in top-notch shape. Like most mechanical parts of a vehicle, the system needs proper maintenance to operate effectively. Brake pads require frequent inspection and maintenance due to the critical role they play in the vehicle. Over years of continued use, the pads will wear out, requiring a replacement. But how can you tell that you have a failing brake pad? Check out the indicators that it is time for brake pad replacement below.

The Car Takes Too Long Before Coming to a Stop

If your vehicle doesn't stop effectively after stepping on the pedal of your braking system, the brake pads are likely failing. This problem is common for people residing in mountainous areas because they need to apply brakes over long distances before stopping. Remember that when you force your brake pads to touch the rotor for a long time, both components will heat up. Failing to change the worn-out brake pads could cause an eventual breakdown of the system. 

The Vehicle Squeals Whenever You Apply the Brakes

Squealing noises often indicate a brake pad problem and require an inspection by an auto repair mechanic. Over time, the brake pads will begin to lose their functionality, particularly when they collect dust. When there's too much dust buildup on the braking system, it will start to squeal whenever you apply the brake. If you don't perform regular maintenance, the brake pad will wear out until it touches the disc rotor. You'll need to get a new disc rotor and a brake pad when this happens. Therefore, timely replacement of dysfunctional brakes pads is essential.

You Can Feel Vibrations When Stopping

Your brake pads have started to wear out if you feel vibrations while braking. A vibrating pedal also indicates that there's a problem with your rotor. This will happen when your brake pad has worn out to a point where it rubs against the rotor. This issue needs to be resolved quickly to prevent the brakes from failing.

The Brake Lights Are On

Most modern vehicles feature a brake indicator that turns on whenever you put on the parking brake. So, if the light comes on and your parking brake is engaged, visit an auto service shop for inspection. This is an indicator that your brake pads could be failing.

Having a functional brake pad is crucial to the proper operation of your vehicle's braking system. That's why it's crucial to watch out for signs of failure and get them addressed by a professional auto repair expert as quickly as possible.