Say Goodbye To The Excuses And Get Cash For Your Junk Car Today

29 March 2022
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There are many common excuses that people use to explain away why they have yet to sell their junk car for cash. In many cases, these excuses are based on widespread misinformation, half-truths, and flat-out myths. If you have been using any of the excuses below, now is the time to get the facts so that you can say goodbye to those tired excuses and say hello to some extra cash in your pocket.

The Excuse: You Are Not Able To Sell Your Junk Car Because You Don't Have The Title

The Truth: 

While having the title for your junk car can make the process of selling it a bit easier, the fact that you do not have the title doesn't prevent you from selling your vehicle. In fact, you may be surprised to learn just how easy it can be to sell your junk car even if you do not have the title. In order to complete this sale without a proper title, you will need to have an alternative document that lists you as the owner of the vehicle. Some of the documents that you can use include vehicle registration, insurance ID card, or a bill of sale. In addition to providing this documentation, you will also need to sign a legal form stating that you are the owner of the vehicle you wish to sell and that there are no current liens against the vehicle.

The Excuse: It Will Cost Too Much To Have The Vehicle Towed To A Junkyard

The Truth:

Towing services can be expensive in many cases. However, this is a fact that you do not need to worry about when selling your junk car. The reason for this is that most scrap yards that routinely offer cash for junk cars also offer a free removal service. What this means is that there is no need for you to worry about how you will get your junk car to the scrapyard or how much a tow truck will cost to get it there. Instead, all you need to do is be present with the vehicle when the scrapyard sends a tow truck to your location to collect the vehicle at no charge to you.

The Excuse: No Scrapyard Will Buy Your Junk Car Because It Is Missing Parts

The Truth: 

It is quite common for people to either sell off some parts from their old vehicle or to use these parts themselves when making repairs to their current vehicle. While it is true that vehicles that have all of their parts are going to sell for more money, the fact that your vehicle is missing some parts does not eliminate the opportunity for you to get some cash for your car. The most important thing to remember when dealing with this issue is to always be upfront about what parts have been removed from the vehicle. This will ensure that you get an accurate offer from the scrapyard and will prevent any issues when they arrive to purchase your car.  

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