Imminent Signs Of Transmission Trouble That Should Never Be Ignored

28 February 2022
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The most obvious sign of a failing transmission is, of course, when it is no longer able to shift into reverse or any of its forward gears. Vehicles that are experiencing any inability to shift are definitely in need of transmission repair but vehicle owners should also suspect that a possible transmission repair issue is developing when some other signs are noted. 

When transmission repair issues are diagnosed early and correctly repaired, the scope and expense of the repair are likely to be smaller and more affordable. The following information is designed to help vehicle owners recognize early signs of a developing transmission repair problem so that they can schedule repairs quickly before complete transmission failure occurs. 

Detectable Slippage Signs 

When an automatic transmission is functioning correctly, it should upshift and downshift in a clean, succinct manner. In most cases, drivers should not notice the shifting action, although a slight noise or sensation may be detectable when the interior of the car is quiet. In contrast, vehicle transmissions that are slipping or struggling to shift gears can cause the vehicle to lurch, lunge, or feel as if the motor is surging in an abnormal way causing unusual sounds to occur. These signs can occur when leaving a parking space, traveling at normal highway speeds, or when accelerating or decelerating while driving. 

Visual Signs 

When transmission problems are beginning to develop, car owners may find that their check engine light is illuminated, even when other signs of transmission trouble have not yet been noted. Vehicles equipped with a transmission fluid level indicator or temperature gauge may also provide early visual warning signs that the transmission is dealing with some sort of stress that will need to be professionally assessed. 

Those who drive older cars that do not have visual dashboard warning signals should be watchful for reddish-brown leaks in areas where they park their car. Evidence of these leaks can be an indication that the transmission seals, fittings, or hoses have developed a leak that will need to be addressed quickly before overheating of the component occurs.  

Unusual Smells 

Drivers who begin to notice unusual smells inside the passenger compartment while driving or when exiting the vehicle after arriving at their destination should immediately check vehicle fluid levels, especially transmission fluid. If the transmission fluid level becomes too low to effectively cool the transmission, the fluid overheats and begins to damage the delicate seals, gears, and components inside the transmission's outer case. Burning oil and other unusual smells are created by the excessively heated transmission fluid. 

Suspected transmission repair issues should never be avoided. If your vehicle is showing any signs that this type of trouble is developing, having it assessed by atransmission repair service is a good way to avoid complete transmission failure.