Freedom Of Movement And Money Back For The State: Benefits Of IRP Apportioned Plates And Registration

28 October 2018
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IRP stands for "international registration plan". It was developed in accordance with the Canadian Department of Transportation and states within the U.S. that have agreed to be members of the agreement. If your state is a member, you may not be able to choose whether or not you participate based on individual state rules. Regardless, you should know that IRP Apportioned plates are required on every semi-truck within member states and that there are benefits to participating in this program. 

Gasoline Profits Shared, Taxes Split

Since diesel fuel varies widely in price across state and international lines (and even differs from one city to the next!), the IRP was founded to equalize the costs of gas wherever truckers went. The taxes on diesel vary widely too, causing some states to profit more than others. The IRP balances this out by making arrangements to spread the taxes and sales of diesel fuel equally among participating states and provinces in Canada. Everyone gets their fair share, and truckers are still able to take the routes they need to take.

Registration Fees Are Spread Evenly Too

Additionally, all of the registration fees you (or your boss) pay are spread out evenly over the lower forty-eight states and across the Canadian provinces that are members of the IRP.  So the states and provinces involved share in the profits, the split taxes, and the registration fees, which helps support the continued and ongoing efforts to create a universally affordable means of fueling all trucks and all trucking industries. 

You may pay higher registration fees in one state, but lower registration fees in another. If you choose to pay for all forty-eight states at once, the organization can help you with that by collecting the total sum of all fees from all states, which typically equals between $1,500 and $2,000. 

Savings You Can Pass on to Customers

When you are not overburdened and overtaxed with fees charged for crossing state lines and international borders, you save a lot of money. The money you save by being involved with IRP you can put back into the trucking business or your boss can pass the savings along to customers by offering discounts on freight shipping. Customers like doing more business with trucking companies that are members of IRP because of the discounts they receive on their shipping services. When your trucking company (or your boss's trucking company) are all participating members of IRP, everybody wins. 

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