Questions To Answer Before Buying A Used Car Transmission

6 September 2018
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Buying a used transmission system can save you a lot of money if you need a replacement. However, you should answer these questions about the transmission you are looking to buy to make sure it is the right one for you. 

Is the Transmission Leaking?

The transmission fluid is the lifeblood of your transmission system; it cools the transmission, cleans it, and also transfers force from one part to another. Therefore, a low level of transmission fluid can not only affect your car's performance, but it can also damage the transmission system. Unfortunately, this is what you will be faced with if you buy a used transmission that is leaking fluids.

What's the History of the Transmission?

It is also good to buy a used transmission with a known history to provide you with peace of mind while using it. You need to know if it has ever been damaged in an accident or repaired for any problem. You should also know whether the transmission was regularly serviced on schedule. The service history of the car can be found through online services. 

What Does the Car's Body Look Like?

It's also advisable to examine the car from which you are getting the transmission. This is because the state of the body of the car can give you some insight into the condition of the transmission you are about to buy. While it might not be true that a battered car will have a battered transmission, the odds of that being the case is higher than getting a battered transmission from an immaculate car. If the car looks like its owner knew how to care for it, then the odds are higher that the transmission is in good shape too.

What about a Warranty?

Don't forget about the issue of warranty when buying a used transmission – you wouldn't forget about warranty while buying a used car, would you? Know the period covered by the warranty and whether it covers labor and parts, or parts only. You don't want to end up with a worthless piece of junk that you can't return because there is no warranty in place.

Note that used transmission systems are risky because they are often sold on an "as is" basis and you may have no legal recourse if you get a bad deal. Consider using a rebuilt or remanufactured transmission instead, or have your auto mechanic accompany you when you purchase in order to protect your investment.

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