3 Fleet Maintenance Tips

20 May 2018
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A fleet of vehicles for your company can look sharp and ensure your customers that they can depend on you to be there when they need you. Of course, this also means you have to make sure the fleet is up and running well, without costing too much in repairs and upkeep. The following fleet maintenance tips can help you do just that.

#1: Have a set maintenance schedule

Putting all the fleet cars on the same maintenance schedule will make your life easier since you won't always be juggling maintenance responsibilities. For example, your fleet may require quarterly oil changes and filter changes. Scheduling to have this work performed on all the vehicles on the same day ensures that no vehicle is missed. Further, you can plan to have maintenance take place so that it coincides with a time when the fleet isn't needed, such as on a day of normal closure or the day when you have quarterly meetings with all of your drivers.

#2: Bring the service to you

Taking the vehicles to a service center is costly. It costs your staff time when they could be attending to other tasks, as well as the additional costs of paying staff to take care of the service visits. Instead, hire a fleet maintenance service that comes to you. Many basic maintenance tasks can be performed on site, such as oil and fluid changes, filter and belt replacements, and basic tire maintenance. For repairs that can be performed on site, a mobile fleet maintenance provider will handle the transport to their repair facility as well as delivering the repaired vehicle back to your site. Most will also even provide emergency services, which means you don't have to contract with an additional company for roadside breakdown coverage since your fleet maintenance company will also handle these issues.

#3: Keep a record

Record keeping on the maintenance of the fleet is the final vital key in ensuring your fleet doesn't suffer from costly maintenance issues. It's well worth it to invest in fleet management software that integrates with that of the maintenance company. This will allow you to quickly see all maintenance logs on your vehicles, so you can ensure that all vehicles are up to date on basic maintenance and that all known problems have been repaired. Information is logged into the same software by both your staff and the maintenance company, so you know the information is complete as well as streamlined for easy assessment.

For more info, contact a fleet maintenance company.