Had A Minor Collision? Make Sure To Follow These Steps

6 October 2016
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Even minor collisions have quite a few steps to keep up with, to make sure that you don't suffer any losses down the road. Here are some steps to take after a car collision of any size. 

Document the Accident Thoroughly

When the accident happens, be sure that you collect all of the other person's information, including their insurance card and driver's license. Take pictures, collect the phone numbers of witnesses, and give a thorough report to the traffic officer. 

Get a Physical Checkup

Also check to make sure that you are well after an accident. A chiropractor is a great choice for a doctor to follow up with after an accident. They are prepared to give whiplash treatment and do tests to make sure that your spinal health was not affected by the accident. 

Get an Auto Checkup

An auto repair and checkup is always a good idea after an accident. There may be more severe damage than what you can see. Even slight alterations in the structure of the car could be come a driving hazard; for instance, if your car's frame was bent, it can shift the center of gravity for the vehicle and cause it to behave erratically in an emergency road situation. A mechanic shop can test the vehicle more throughly to ensure no additional damage was done; you'll want to catch any damage right away so that you can report it as part of your insurance claim. 

Review Your Insurance Coverage

This is a great time to review your insurance coverage. For instance, if you don't already have collision coverage, the experience of being in an accident might make you reconsider. A collision insurance policy is great because it will reimburse you for vehicle damages and potentially help you rent a replacement vehicle while your car is in the shop. 

Think About Getting a Lawyer

Finally, consider whether you could get anything out of hiring a personal injury or car accident attorney and filing a claim in the courts. Your insurance may reimburse you for basic charges, such as physical injury and collision damage expenses. But for more comprehensive reimbursement, you will need to start a lawsuit. It's a good idea to call a lawyer, for instance, if you have a dispute with the other driver about who was responsible for your accident. And if you have damages that go beyond the basics, such as time off or lost ability to do activities, then a lawyer may come into play quickly.