Three Points To Consider When Buying Used Tires

1 August 2016
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When you need to replace tires on your automobile, it can potentially turn into an expensive repair. One way that many people opt to save money on purchasing tires is by looking into shops that sell used tires. Buying tires that are used, but in good condition can save you plenty of money. However, you will need to pay careful attention during the purchase process by following some of the tips below. 

Measure The Overall Tread Depth Of The Tires

If you are buying tires that are slightly used, the first variable you need to consider is the tread depth. To do this, you should purchase a gauge, which usually will not cost you any more than five dollars. Having this tool at your disposal lets you measure the exact tread depth of the tire to decide if it is a safe purchase or not. The minimum tread depth that you should allow for any vehicle is 4/32 of an inch. Also be sure to check with your state laws, as states usually have minimums as well.

Inspect The Tire For Liner Damage And Signs Of Serious Aging

You also need to focus on potential liner damage within the tire. Inspect the inner liner to see if the rubber has worn too thin, to the point that you are seeing exposed cords. If you see any rubber particles, dust or crumbling, this is also a sign that the inner lining is wearing far too thin. You also need to inspect the tire for signs of aging. The last thing you would want is to purchase a tire that is beginning to rot from the inside. Always make sure to check for a tire identification number on the side as well, which would indicate the year that the tire was manufactured.

Compare The Cost And Overall Reward Of Buying Used As Opposed To New Tires

Assessing the cost of the used tires when compared to new tires with a warranty can be a big deciding factor. For instance, a lifetime guarantee on new tires may help you save plenty of money down the road, as opposed to right away. You should also consider your long-term wants and needs out of your automobile, to determine whether it is a better decision to purchase used tires that you may have to replace sooner, or new tires that are more expensive, but built to last longer. 

Consider these three tips and reach out to a tire shop that can help you when you're looking at tires for sale