3 Electronic Car Problems That May Have You Scratching Your Head In Search Of Solutions

13 May 2016
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Today, modern cars are full of electronics, which can control different features of your car. The electronics can also cause mechanical and safety problems, such as an airbag warning light that will not turn off or a fuel oxygen sensor that is causing problems with the engine. If you have problems with the electronics of your car and are scratching your head for solutions, here are some tips to help you get down to the bottom of the cause of the problem: 

1. Annoying Dummy-Lights That Seem To Never Turn Off

Dummy-lights are those warning lights on your dashboard, which often come on and may not turn off. A good example of this is an airbag light, which may cause your car to fail a safety inspection, or it could be a check engine light. The airbag light can come one when a cable is worked loose or if the airbag system needs to be inspected, which is programmed into your car. In addition, check engine lights often come on when your car needs simple maintenance like an oil change or tune-up.

2. Fuel Sensor Problems That Continue After Repairs Are Done

Modern cars use computer controlled fuel injection systems. These systems have sensors that detect the amount of fuel and air mixture that goes into the engine. When they go bad, you may have them replaced and think the problem is fixed; it may not be completely fixed if you did the repair yourself. The problem is that often the computer needs to be reset to recognize there is a new sensor, which you can take the car to an auto repair service to do for you and solve the issue.

3. Electronics That Never Work Due To Multiple Fuse boxes

Some electronics in your car may seem to never work, and you may have even tried replacing the fuses that seem to be causing the problem. This is often due to more than one fuse box. Many cars can have a fuse box in the engine compartment for parts related to the mechanical systems of your car, there may also be another hidden beneath the dashboard. If you are trying to solve an electrical problem, look closely in the interior of your car for a panel that may be hiding a fuse box and the blown fuse causing your problems.

Electronics in cars can be frustrating to deal with, but if you know what to look for there is usually a simple solution to the problem. If you have a problem that you are still scratching your head over, contact a car repair service (such as Arringdale's Engine Rebuilding & Auto Repair) and have them do the diagnostics testing needed to find the problem.