Car Wobbling Around Turns? This May Explain Why

4 May 2016
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If you are driving down the road, you make a turn down a road and you notice your vehicle starts to wobble, don't worry because you are not alone. Vehicle wobbling is one of the most common complaints that car owners have.

Problems with Tires

Problems with the car's tires is the most common reasons that your car is wobbling. Tire problems are usually the cause of tires being out of balance. Other causes of tire problems include uneven tire wear and separated treads in the tires.

Wheels Out of Balance

If you can feel the car wobbling in the steering wheel, this may mean that the wheels on your vehicle are out of balance. One of the causes of this may be wheel bearings that are damaged or worn out. While these wheel bearings should never cause you any issues, they can cause issues at any time, just like any other part in your vehicle. Other problems that cause wheels to become out of balance is that the tie rod ends could be worn out. This will be evident by the steering wheel will feel fine when driving straight but will act up when turning the vehicle.

Problems with Engine

If your car's engine is not getting the proper amount of oxygen it needs or even the proper amount of fuel or spark, it may cause your vehicle to wobble. This will become evident when you step on the gas to turn a corner or other reason for the increase in vehicle speed. The first thing you want to check in this case are the spark plugs. If they are worn out or are dirty, replacing them with brand new ones may do the trick.

Issues with Brakes

In the event that your car has a brake rotor that is warped or worn out, you may feel a wobble. Brake issues are normally the result of a brake rotor that is either warped or worn out. If you have an older model vehicle, you may notice wobbling when applying pressure to the brakes. This could be the result of a caliper pin that is either rusted or worn out.

Problems with Axle

Problems with the car's axle are usually the result of the aftermath of an accident. If the axle was somehow bent or damaged during a vehicle accident, you may notice a wobble. This wobble will likely be most noticeable when you apply pressure to the gas pedal and will get worse as your speed increases. If you are driving a vehicle that is front wheel drive, you may notice the wobbling occurring in the front of the vehicle. In this case, the problem may be due to a CV (constant velocity) joint that is damaged or worn out.

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