3 Ways To Tell If Your Brakes Need Service

23 February 2016
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One of the most important things you can do before any road trip is to ensure your car is properly maintained. Although most people are good at getting oil changes and checking tires, brake checks are often overlooked. If you don't have any idea what condition your brakes are in, here are three of the best indicators you may need to get your brakes serviced or changed:

Your Brakes May Need Service If They Make Noise

Although you brakes may still bring your car to a stop as efficiently as ever, that doesn't mean they aren't close to being worn out. One of the easiest indicators to notice that your brakes are needing service is a squealing or other obnoxious sound when you brake. At first, you may only hear it when you brake hard, but it will get progressively worse. Although the first sign of noise doesn't indicate your brakes are completely bad, you will want to get them repaired in the near future or before a long trip.

Your Brakes May Need Service If They Are Inconsistent

As brakes get wear and tear, it's possible for wear to be uneven. This can create an inconsistency in how a car stops at different speeds. If you start to notice that your braking takes longer than it used to at varying speeds, then you may have a brake pad that is torn or worn unevenly. This should prompt a visit to the mechanic as soon as possible, because it's possible your brakes aren't suitable for driving on.

Your Brakes May Need Service If Other Parts of Your Car Are Worn

Another thing to consider with your brakes is how other worn parts may affect the brakes. Bald tires can cause your brakes to wear faster, so it's important to replace tires as necessary. Aside from the tires, struts or shocks that are worn can be very damaging to a vehicle's braking system. If you have noticed that your struts or shocks are no longer absorbing the bumps of the road vary well, this will cause your vehicle's braking system to have to work harder. That means more wear and tear, happening more quickly.

Being aware of all of the above issues will help you know when your brakes need service. It's also good to have them checked periodically if you haven't every had them looked at--especially if you haven't owned your car for a long time. Contact a local mechanic, like Alignment Center, for more help.