Engine Chip Tuning: What You Need To Know

6 November 2015
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Newer vehicle engines are computer controlled. The chip will relay a message to the computer as to how and when to adjust its timing, turbo boost, its fuel-to-air ratio, and other essential tasks. Engine chips are also called performance chips. As the name states, the chip gives your engine more torque and power. Any unit chosen will provide your truck or car engine with full power potential. Here are some important facts you should consider.


Manufacturers of these super-chips or performance chips claim an increase of 35 horsepower or more with the installation of the chip for gasoline engines is possible. It may be more of an increase with a diesel or turbocharged engine. Your specific needs will indicate which style you choose. Different manufacturers have different choices.

How Chips Operate

A factory chip is referred to as a look-up table and contains specific information telling the engine how to respond under different circumstances. The chip will check the look-up table and relay the message to the computer as to how much gas needs to go to the engine. It will also indicate how to shift an automatic vehicle to a lower gear or how to adjust the timing. If your automobile has a turbocharger, it will adjust the turbo boost and indicate how much fuel to send.

If you install a chip, the factory lookup table will change, and will adjust the parameters. You receive the best performance without regarding the vehicle's fuel emissions, fuel economy, and other performance reducing constraints.


You may have to replace the parts more frequently with increased wear and tear on your vehicle's engine, versus not having the chip. Once you have one installed, it is extremely important to provide regular maintenance.

However, you must also realize by installing a chip your vehicle warranty will be voided. If your state has an emissions check requirement, installing a chip may fail the test. Your vehicle's insurance coverage may also increase. You must also consider if the chip is not properly programmed, it could reduce the life of your engine.

As you now see, there are advantages and disadvantages to installing an engine chip to your automobile. It will depend on where you live, and how much wear and tear you want to place on your engine. The final choice is up to you and your special requirements. If you are searching for an engine with more power, an engine chip could be just what you need.

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