3 Things To Have Serviced Regularly On Your RV

21 September 2015
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An RV allows you to enjoy the open road and experience the fun of traveling to new places. The quickest way to ruin your fun is to have mechanical problems that lead to a breakdown or expensive repairs. Preventative maintenance is very important for an RV. You'll need to have it serviced regularly, just as you would your car. However, an RV is much more than a mode of transportation. It is also living quarters on wheels. Because of that, it needs more than engine and chassis maintenance. Here are three things that need regular service on an RV.

The Roof

Your RV probably has a rubber roof coating. Most manufactures use rubber because it forms an excellent water barrier, and it is lightweight. The rubber covering will last for years if you inspect and service it regularly. The roof is subject to deterioration from sun exposure and tears from tree limbs. Parking under trees for shade is great, but this also allows sap to drip on the rubber and leave sticky stains that trap dirt. The rubber coating can develop leaks when seams jostle loose as you drive down the road. For these reasons, the roof should be inspected when you have your RV serviced. You can do it yourself if you can climb on the roof. Keep in mind, the rubber may be slick, and the roof may not support your weight. Inspecting, washing, and repairing your roof by yourself is possible, but since there is a risk of injury or damage to the roof, you may want to let a service center handle the roof maintenance.

Electrical System

One of the advantages of traveling in an RV is that you have all the comforts of home with you. These amenities require electrical power. There are two electrical systems on an RV. One of them is the engine battery that powers the motor. The other system powers the lights and appliances inside the RV. This could include a system of batteries, an inverter, a generator, or solar panels. These need regular servicing to keep the battery terminals free of corrosion. If you have a generator, it needs to be turned on regularly to keep it working in optimum condition. Whatever electrical system you use, you want to ensure it is functioning properly. If a problem develops with charging or converting electricity from solar panels or the generator, your electrical appliances could be damaged.

Climate Control

Before summer camping season begins, you'll want to have the vent fan and air conditioner in your RV serviced. The fan blades should be taken apart and washed to get rid of grime and dust buildup. The filter in the air conditioner should be washed or changed. In addition, the air conditioner should get a tuneup and be allowed to run to make sure it will cool off your RV like it is supposed to before you hit the road. If you use your RV all year, you may want to take it in for servicing at the change of seasons.

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