Fix Small Paint Chips On Your Own

11 September 2015
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Some people are intimidated when it comes to repairing their car surface. They think that the work is too difficult because they do not have the right tools or skills. However, with a little bit of practice and the right materials, you can learn the simple technique on your own. You will be able to quickly repair small paint chips before they become serious problem. Here is the best way to fix small paint chips on your car.

Sanding the Chipped Area

Even small rock chips an lead to serious rusting on your car. This is why it is so important to patch these chips as soon as you notice them. First, you need to invest in some wet sandpaper. This is just like normal sandpaper, except it is much smoother and it needs to be wet during sanding. Keep a small cup of water nearby so you can repeatedly dip the sandpaper to keep it moist. For the first step, you just want to sand a very small perimeter around the damaged area. You want to try and remove the glossy layer of paint around the hole. This creates a better sheen for the patch to stick to. You also want to try and sand away any rust spots or corroded metal.

Applying the Patch

Using autobody patch on small holes is not too difficult. You can just spread it with your finger. However, it does dry quite quickly and it is very sticky, so be sure to use a latex glove. Try to spread the patch as smooth as possible before it dries. However, don't be too concerned if it is not perfect because you can resand it once the patch dries. Use the same wet sandpaper to smooth out the patch and make it perfectly flat and even with the contours of the car.

Applying the Touch-Up Paint

The final step is to apply the touch-up paint to the chip. This is actually very easy if you have the right paint. You can usually find factory replacement paint at the dealership. So, unless your car has a custom paint job, you should have no problem getting the right paint. These factory touch-up paints usually come in small cans and even have a brush built into the lid for clean and easy application.

As you can see, touching small paint chips is not too difficult. It is a very useful skill to learn. You can fix defects in your paint before they become more serious problems that will be more expensive to fix later. For more severe body damage, visit a shop like Vince's Auto Service.