Three Things That Can Get Your Car's Air Conditioner Working

2 September 2015
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When driving in the summer you will need a working air conditioner to beat the summer heat. If your air conditioning is not working, then here are a couple quick fixes you can do to get it working properly.

Change The Air Filter

The air filter protects the engine from harmful dirt and contaminants and over time will get dirty. The air filter must be replaced once or twice a year depending on how dirty it is to ensure that the car continues operating at maximum efficiency. A dirty air filter will not allow air to circulate correctly throughout the car because it is clogged, which means that it could be stopping the cold air from flowing into the cabin of the car. Change out the filter by removing the clips that secure the case over the filter. Remove the lid to the case and swap out the old filter for a fresh one and then fasten the case back into place using the clips on the sides.

Check The Condenser For Blockages

The condenser located right above the radiator must be clear of obstruction. Take a flashlight and shine it through the condenser and you should be able to see the light passing through. If the condenser is clogged with dirt and debris, the light will not be visible and disappear behind the obstruction. Take a garden hose and on the lowest pressure setting gently rinse out the condenser of dirt and other contaminants. Make sure that you don't have the water pressure on too high or it could potentially damage the condenser or the radiator located directly below.

Check The Cooling Fans To Make Sure They Running

Check the cooling fans to see if there is any burnt out connectors that are causing the fans to not work. They may have a dirt build up on the that needs you to blow them out with compressed air. The fans should be running at high speed and if you put your hand close to them you should be able to feel cold air blowing. If the fans are not working or the blades are not turning then you could have burnt out the motor of the fan. You will need a professional mechanic to take out the fan and replace it. You should never replace anything electrical on the car yourself, but rather have a professional mechanic do it to ensure the wiring is correct.

If the steps outlined above do not fix the air conditioner and get it back to running order, then it could be a sign of a much larger mechanical issue at play. Take your car into a professional auto mechanic like Modern Auto Air and have them look the car over and test the part to diagnose what the problem is.