Tips To Ensure Your Tires Outlast A Potential Blowout

12 August 2015
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If you own a vehicle, ensure that you are taking care of your tires and maintaining them. Some drivers are overly concerned about preventing mechanical breakdowns. This can result in them not realizing the dangers posed by bad tires. The following tips will aid in ensuring that you are not putting yourself and others on the road at risk, and you may also find that you prolong the life of your tires.

Can good tires blowout?

Yes. Some people mistakenly think that blowouts occur as a result of tires being defective or worn out. This is not always the case. Some tire blowouts occur as a result on people running over objects, and improper inflation can also cause a good tire to blow out. For example, if your tires are under inflated, and you speed over a pothole, there is a chance that the tire could blow out despite it being in good condition.

Beware of slow leaks.

Slow leaks cause air to escape from tires. This is why it is important to check the pressure on your tires weekly. You can find the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle in your owner's manual, but keep in mind that if you have made enhancements to your vehicle such as custom wheels or rims, the tire pressure recommendations may be different.

Some slow leaks are the result of tire stem issues. Others may occur if an object punctures a tire, and remains stuck in the tire. Tires naturally lose some of their pressure over time as a result of the climate changing or the vehicle being driven. 

Pay attention to bad driving habits.

When possible, avoid potholes and other roadway damages. If you cannot avoid them, reduce your speed as you travel over them. Also be mindful of speed bumps, and go over them at the slowest speed possible. 

Avoid putting too much weight in your vehicle.

Routinely clean out your trunk. This is an area that often becomes a makeshift "storage room" for vehicles. Excess weight in your vehicle can affect tire pressure. Consult your owner's manual if you must travel with heavier loads than usual. Every vehicle has a weight capacity that should not be exceeded. If you go over or close to the recommended weight limits, you could end up damaging other components of your vehicle, such as the struts, in addition to the tires.

Final Thoughts

A tire company, such as Collier Tire Auto & Truck Repair Center, is the best resource to use to determine the correct tire size and weight limits on your vehicle if you do not have the manual and cannot locate the information online. They can also offer the best input regarding the best tire rotation and balancing schedule for your vehicle. If you take your vehicle to them in a timely manner, they may be able to help you extend the life of tires with minor damage.