Battery Problems And Your Car

5 August 2015
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Your car's battery does a lot for your car. It helps power your entire car's accessories as well as the car's electronic systems. Much of its power is used for starting the engine, and a bad battery is often noticed when there is trouble with starting the car. If the battery is allowed to deteriorate or is overused, it increases the chance that your car won't start, which will leave you stranded.

Early signs of a deteriorating battery:

Batteries give signs of trouble long before they quit working. One of the first signs car owners may notice is that their car's headlights or interior lights are not as bright as before. Headlights might "brighten" when you push on the accelerator. You may also notice a worsening radio signal or a CD player that plays slower than usual. Some cars may run more roughly when a battery is in bad condition.

Starting problems:

Trouble starting the car may happen gradually or appear suddenly. At first, you may notice the problem in the morning the first time you start your car. It will crank slower than usual or make a different sound. You may not have problems later in the day after the alternator charges the battery. However, as the battery deteriorates further, you will notice problems most of the time because your battery won't be able to hold its charge. Finally, the starter will crank very slowly or not at all.

Things you can do at home:

A battery will have trouble if the electrolyte levels fall below a certain level. If you have a standard battery, there are removable caps where you can check the electrolyte levels. If the water is below the top of the lead plates inside, then you will need to take the battery to a shop to be checked out. Otherwise, you can top off the fluid with distilled water. If your battery is sealed, you will not be able to add fluid. Another thing you can do is get a battery brush and clean the terminals. Be sure you disconnect the negative battery cable first. You can check for loose connections at the same time.

Taking your car to the repair shop:

If you have determined that your car needs a new battery, or you are not sure that the battery is the problem, take it to a repair shop like AutoMedics. The shop has equipment to determine if you need a new battery or if the problem is something else. If you need a new battery, they will be able to recommend and install one for you.