Why You Should Get The Transmission Fluid In Your Truck Changed

14 July 2015
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When was the last time that you took your truck to a mechanic to get the transmission fluid changed? You must understand that transmission fluid is vital in your vehicle, as your truck can break all the way down with it. Find out in this article what you should know about transmission fluid, as well as how it should be changed for the best results.

Why Should Transmission Fluid Be Changed?

Your vehicle can start jerking while you are driving if it has a low level of transmission fluid, similar to how contaminated fluid can have the same effect. The jerk is caused from the transmission struggling to help the gears function. Transmission fluid is actually vital for the movement of your truck because it is how the torque converter sends power to the transmission from the engine.

A transmission fluid change is also vital because it can lead to your truck not being able to be driven in all directions. You can tell when the transmission is going out because you will likely end up only being able to drive forward when it happens. However, sometimes it leads to a truck only being able to be driven backwards. You don't want your truck in such a condition because it can stop in the middle of traffic when you least expect it.

How Should Transmission Fluid Be Changed?

The best way to go about getting your transmission fluid changed is taking your truck to a mechanic to get it flushed. He or she will clean out the old fluid as a way to get rid of contaminants in it like metal and dirt. Your truck will be flushed with a cleaning solution for a thorough cleaning. The mechanic will then proceed to pour in a bottle of fresh transmission fluid. Your truck will run a lot smoother with fresh transmission fluid in it.

If you are on a low budget and want to save money, you can get the transmission fluid changed instead of flushed. The difference in the two methods is that all of the old fluid is not remove with a basic change. The mechanic will simply remove a portion of the old fluid and mix in a fresh bottle with what is left in your truck. A basic transmission fluid change can leave contaminants in your vehicle, which can cause problems in the long run.

Make sure that you will not run into major transmission problems that can leave you with a truck that can't be driven. Get your transmission fluid changed by a professional company like Color Country Diesel Inc as soon as you can!