Two Tips To Help You Avoid A Costly RV Repair Bill

25 June 2015
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If you've purchased a recreational vehicle (RV), you're probably looking forward to enjoying many years of fun out on the road.  However, failing to take certain precautions can cut this time short, especially if your RV sustains damages that you cannot afford to repair.  Instead of running the risk that you will lose out on your investment, use these tips to learn more about what you can do to avoid hefty RV repair expenses.

Bulk Up Your Insurance

One of the best ways you can make sure that you are not faced with a big RV repair bill is to bulk up your insurance policy.  Although some insurance carriers extend coverage from your personal automobile policy onto your RV, you may not want to rely on this alone since some RV's cost more than personal vehicles and can therefore result in the need for more expensive repairs.

You should either add a rider onto your car insurance policy that specifically outlines the coverages for your RV or opt to get a separate RV policy altogether.  You want to make sure that there is coverage in place for items permanently attached to the RV that can be damaged in an accident, such as awnings and satellites.  You will also want to add specialized roadside assistance service for your RV.  This way, if you happen to breakdown while you're on the road, you won't be faced with a pricey bill if your RV needs to be towed.

Winterize Your RV

Another important measure you can take to avoid costly repairs is to always winterize your RV.  Winterizing your RV is essentially the process of preparing the motor vehicle for an extended period of nonuse during the cold season. 

One of the most important aspects of winterizing an RV involves the process of making sure that all of water is drained away from it.  This is critical because if you fail to take this step, you may step back into your RV only to discover that a pipe has burst and the inner contents of the motor home have sustained significant water damage.

Taking the time to winterize your RV could be the difference between having a motor vehicle that is ready to go once the warm weather hits, or being stuck paying for all of the accumulated damage that has built up while it was cold outside.

These easy techniques may be the keys that help you keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket.  Start using these tips right away so you can hold those expensive RV repair bills at bay.