Stay On The Road And Embrace Effective Repairs - Benefits Of Using OEM Parts In Auto Body Repair

1 May 2015
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Keeping your car in its best possible condition, including maintaining the shape and quality of its body, is a vital part of making sure you've done all you can to keep your vehicle strong and reliable.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of using original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, parts in repairing your vehicle's body. Committing to OEM parts is the best way to guarantee your car stays in its best shape, and will also guarantee that your investment is actively protected.


OEM parts are manufactured to be used in the original process of building a car, and as such, they have to be extremely strong. OEM body parts are subject to rigorous testing and stress examinations, and you can be confident that they'll hold up to the difficulties of daily vehicle usage.

Aftermarket parts, however, don't have to go through the same kinds of testing and are not often held to the same standards. This means that whatever short term cost savings you may think you're getting with an aftermarket part will quickly evaporate when you're faced with the reality of having to replace the same part multiple times.


Most people have seen a car that has clearly had body work done on it. Yet, if the parts involved were adequate replacements, you likely wouldn't be able to tell that work was performed at all. It's only lower quality parts that stand out in their poor fit with your vehicle.

An OEM part has the advantage of being specially designed to complete a given task and perform a certain function for your vehicle. This means that repairs will be seamless and even the most well trained eye will have a difficult time discerning that you needed body work at all.

Warranty Maintenance

Your car's warranty can be an extremely beneficial financial tool that offers you protection from paying for expensive and excessive repairs. To maintain that warranty, however, you have to meet certain requirements and follow directives from the automobile manufacturer. Using OEM parts in your auto body repairs will help guarantee that you meet these requirements and keep your warranty valid. That's a choice that could pay off handsomely if you find yourself facing a significant repair down the road.

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